Center Mission

The Center for Sleep & Circadian Biology (CSCB) is a University Research Center that integrates basic, clinical, and translational research on sleep and circadian rhythms into a unified program at Northwestern University. The Center has as its goals:

1) to foster research to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms that underlie the generation, expression and timing of sleep and circadian rhythms,

2) to foster research to determine the consequences of sleep disruption and circadian rhythm dysfunction for human health, safety, performance and productivity,

3) to facilitate the development of treatments to alleviate the adverse effects associated with circadian dysfunctions

4) to help educate students and the general public about circadian rhythms and sleep.

The Center creates an environment that fosters collaborations between researchers in different disciplines who have mutual research interests in the study of circadian rhythms and sleep. Founded in 1995 as the Center for Circadian Biology and Medicine, the Center was renamed in 2000, in recognition of the increasing emphasis on sleep research by Center members.

Center Administration

The Center provides administrative support for trans-departmental and trans-school collaborative research projects.  Like all University Research Centers, CSCB has direct oversight by the Office for Research.

The founding and current Director of the Center is Fred W. Turek, Ph.D.

The Executive Director of the Center is Martha Hotz Vitaterna, Ph.D.

The Associate Directors of the Center are Ravi Allada, MD and Phyllis C Zee MD PhD.

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